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K opened his sleepy eyes and furrowed his brow. Staring in confusion at the faint shimmer in his hands. Slowly, it unfurled, ushering in a new era of Web3.

K wakes up from sleep. In the prism's refracted brilliance, another alien figure sparkles. K reaches out to touch the prism, and a clear form is illuminated in the cold, shining object - K's soul.

As the sole creator of the digital world, K created it with one hand. but the centralized black hole limited K's creative power, sealing off K's creativity.

K intends to return to the glory of creation, taking on the challenge of imitative games on an adventure. 'A mirror makes the image, a lens reveals the truth.' K' is the soul of imitative games - Psyche.

Looking at K waking up, K' is already sitting upright and exhales a sigh of relief. It seems that the imitative games played by K during sleep have already achieved initial success.

K' not only replicates K's digital DNA, but also acquires K's intelligence in imitative games. With the accompany of K', K finally gains the weapon and power to fight against the black hole...


KNexus - Psyche is an NFT project that combines Web3 and AIGC (Artificial Intelligence Generated Content) features.

Users can participate in the creation of the NFT by providing a half of the prompt,

which is created by KNN3 using Web3 graph data as a data foundation,

and then the user can complete the other half of the prompt by "scrolling" to generate a text prompt.

This co-creation process using AIGC creates a complete prompt,

which then generates the image of the NFT.

Users can create their own exclusive NFT images based

on their own Web3 graph data and their own preferences for the NFT image.

Core Features:

Data (Web3 graph data) - Text - Image

KNN3 - User - AIGC co-create


2023 Q1

TopScore Launch

TopScore: Your 2022 wrapped on Lens NFT Collection launch

2023 Q2

KNexus - Psyche Homepage Launch

KNexus - Psyche NFT Collection Launch

AI Avatar Generate

TopScore Beta Launch

2023 Q3

KNexus - AGI Creator Platform Launch

KNexus Collection 2 Launch

Loyal System Announce

2023 Q4

Market expansion

Establish partnerships

Holdersā€˜ Benefit

    Holders have the right to draw AI Avatars.

    Holders can replace their KNexus - Psyche NFTs with profile avatars from KNN3 products.

    Holders can obtain browsing rights for TopScore, a product of KNN3.

    Holders can obtain partial data rights for TopScore, a product of KNN3.

    Holders can obtain functional rights for the initial launch of new features on TopScore.

    Holders can obtain threshold community rights of KNN3.


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